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This was my first book. I made it in the Autumn term of 1972 in Diploma School at the Architectural Association. It was my presentation for a project called Utopian Village. The Unit leader was Bernard Tschumi.

The Nature of Things

A Design Narrative. Translated by Feng Shao and Meng Jie Liu. Published 2012.

nature of things.pdf

The subject of this narrative is the creative process. The story concerns a young Chinese graduate who has studied in London. On the eve of her graduation ceremony she learns something important about her abilities. It is a vague hint of the way her creative life might develop, but many years must pass before she can practice her skills and express her understanding.

The Nature of Things

Translated by Feng Shao. Illustration by Bingyu Hu.

20160423 NATURE OF THINGS-2.pdf

Second Edition 2016.

Publish both English and Chinese versions of these.

Structure and Ambiguity

Projects, Texts and Stories.

In collaboration with Zhihong Hu, (Red) and Wu-Han Chou, (Nylas).
Published 2018.

Structure and Ambiguity Book.pdf
Structure and Ambiguity - English.pdf

English version
Chinese Version
编著∕〔英〕彼得‧斯迪可兰(Peter Stickland)

Process, Language, Idenitity and Narrative

The 2017 Design Project.pdf

Chinese Version
Layout and front cover design by Zhihong Hu.
Published 2017.
编著∕〔英〕彼得‧斯迪可兰(Peter Stickland)
翻译∕〔台〕周武翰(Nylas, Wu-Han Chou)

In collaboration with Runwu Fang (Ray) Zhihong Hu, (Red) & Wu-Han Chou, (Nylas).