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A Split Second of Paradise -

the work of Julian Maynard Smith.
Published 2008 by Station House

Failing the attempt at flight makes the desire for freedom from gravity the subject and so by accident we stumbled into the aim of drama, which is to give a treatment of the unachievable, as opposed to that of art, which is to make actual the previously unachieved. And thus we discovered our position between two stools.

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Homage to Morandi

The Theatre of Mistakes. Published 2006 by Grey Suit Editions.

Homage to Morandi.pdf

This seminal piece of performance art, created in 1980, was inspired by the still lives of Giorgio Morandi. It was sensed that certain of the Italian artist's arrangements of little boxes, vases and containers might be alluding to family groups posing for the

camera. The Theatre of Mistakes scaled up these boxes and containers to larger household items (suitcases, chairs and wardrobes) that seemed more appropriate to the stage.


Going by The Theatre of Mistakes.
Published 2007 by Grey Suit Editions.  


Going is a five-act performance. In it, the performers have to learn all the parts, while trying to be each other rather than presuming to enact characters. It is a fugue put together out of the mannerisms of departure. It concerns going, or attempting to go when the participants are bound together as closely as the strands of a knotted ring. Each weaves a role identical to that of the others in different moments of the same role.