• Rainforest Reveries
    • The Dream of Nausicaa
    • From the Edge of the Floor
    • Deserted Memory
    • The Breath of Psyche 1
    • The Breath of Psyche 2


Rainforest Reveries

Peter Stickland, David Troop and Christine Fasse 2011

Rainforest Reveries

Awakening slowly in morning shadows,
Céline senses what might now ripen and
grow within her. The earth is ringing out.

By obscure transitions, affirming visions in the girl’s self-determining mind are revealing

new depths to her evolving character.

The nameless hour has arrived, that
mesmerizing, eternal hour, when children
cease to look vaguely at the sky.

The Dream of Nausicaa

Peter Stickland 2017

The Dream of Nausicaa.pdf

After spending his final seven years with the enchantress, Calypso, she gives her reluctant blessing that Odysseus can return home. He builds a raft and sets off across the sea, only to be hit by a storm aroused by his great divine enemy, the sea-god Poseidon.
He narrowly avoids drowning and manages to reach the shore of Schería, now called Corfu, a lush, isolated island inhabited by a race of magical seafarers, the Phaeacians. Through his encounters with the Phaeacians, Odysseus gradually recovers his former status. He gains the help of the Phaeacian princess, Nausicaa, who provides him with clothes and directions, and he makes his way to the court of their king, Alcinous, where he is welcomed and promised transportation back to Ithaca.

From the Edge of the Floor

Peter Stickland 2011. In collaboration with Jenny Nolan

From the edge.pdf

Happy go lucky Joe trusts cheerfully to luck and never worries about the future. In ancient cosmology and late adolescence, to be lucky is to be wise. Mostly, Joe’s friends imagine his luck is something akin to being foolhardy.
Cinema critic, theorist of the French ‘New Wave,’ Joe loves being with those students who reign supreme in optimism, invent new theories with ease and conjure radical re-appraisals of the world with relaxed certainty.

Deserted Memory

Dominique and Christine Fasse 2010

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The images in this book give birth to a story and though it is curiously familiar, the thread of it seems to get tangled or lost. The poems tell us that this story has happened once or several times and may even happen again. If history repeats itself what pasts are still to come? The future may not be completely unknown to us.

The Breath of Psyche

 Peter Stickland 2012. In collaboration with Clare Carolan     

The breath of Psyche.pdf

The breath of Pan resonates across the bright blue oceans, filling the air with a sweet music that multiplies with endless variations from the mountainous terrains to the boundless deserts.
Psyche grows miraculously tall and sings; her magical voice reverberating across continents, resounding through a million hearts. All who hear the echoing sounds speak of a new dawn.

The Breath of Psyche

Second Edition 2017

The breath of Psyche 2nd.pdf

Love springs into the air; the world is excited at the prospect of starting anew. Expansive smiles rise up on the faces of children like a blessing, a kind offering or a promise of sweet devotion.
Golden sunsets flame across the western skies. Adventurers return to their ancient homelands. Poetry, like a kiss, is on every lip; the joy of passion informing every action, every song.